Photo credit: AndBeyond

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa, and although not a country we’ve included it here because it is a delightful and popular multi-day addition when visiting Tanzania on an African safari tour. Composed of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean it consists of numerous small islands and two large ones: Unguja (the main island, referred to informally as Zanzibar), and Pemba.

The capital of Zanzibar, located on the island of Unguja, is Zanzibar City. Its historic centre, known as Stone Town, is a World Heritage Site and is claimed to be the only functioning ancient town in East Africa.

Zanzibar is the home of the endemic Zanzibar Red Colobus Moneky, the Zanzibar Servaline Genet, and the (possibly extinct) Zanzibar Leopard.

Zanzibars allure is legendary. One of East Africa’s great trading centers, the archipelago has been for centuries a crossroads of culture, a glorious melting pot of influences where Africa, India and Arabia meet, and a complete change of pace from the mainland, a place where life’s rhythms are set by the spectacular sea, edged by fine, white-sand beaches.

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