Rwanda is less than half the size of Scotland but with three million more inhabitants. It’s tucked deep in the heart of Africa, over 1500km from the nearest sea port. Into its tiny frame it packs many mountains, rivers, lakes, marshes, savannahs and forests – including Nyungwe, the largest remaining single tract of montane forest in East and Central Africa. Rwanda’s wildlife switches from savannah to mountain forest species within a single day’s driving – and includes mountain gorillas as well as the little-known golden monkey. Tea bushes vie with coffee trees for space on the crowded hillsides and a patchwork of intensive cultivation covers the valleys. There are 670 recorded bird species in the country, and nowhere are they more abundant than at Nyungwe, where the blue touraco is the biggest tick. But the gorilla is still king. Watching these giants interact only a stone’s throw away is among life’s greatest wildlife wonders.


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