When to Travel: Safari High and Low Seasons in Southern and East Africa

Safari High and Low Seasons in Southern and East Africa

If you’re wondering when to travel to South Africa and East Africa and what the safari high and low travel seasons are, know that winter is normally considered high season because of the game-viewing factor. Winter is usually the driest time of the year, so game is easier to spot during this time.

However, the special case in this category involves when to travel to South Africa. South Africa’s high season specifically coincides with the summer vacation schedules of the local residents.

So, “summer” in South Africa extends from November through February. Be aware that temperatures can creep up to 100°F in January and February. This is perceived as high season since this is the period when South Africans take their vacations.

Should You travel to South Africa during Low Season?

The “winter” months, July and August, are viewed as low season. This is when fewer tourist visit South African game lodges. Temperatures can actually dip down to the freezing point during July in Kruger National Park.

Safari low season in South Africa is actually surprisingly favorable for game viewing. Low season here also has discounted off-season rates. This could actually be advantageous depending on your preferences for when to travel to South Africa.

What if You’re Traveling to East Africa?

If you’re traveling to East Africa, note that ideal game viewing settings occur during the dry months of July through October and January through March.

Kenya’s “small” rainy season is from November through mid-December. Light rain normally precedes sunshine, making this season a superb lesser-known window of opportunity for verdant foliage game viewing and dramatic landscape photography.

Ultimately, your decision on when to travel to South Africa and East Africa depends on a number of factors. Consider how high you rank the priority of game viewing and adjust the timing of your travel plans accordingly.

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