What types of animals will I possibly encounter on my African safari?

One of the most amazing aspects of embarking on an African safari travel adventure is gaining access to a raw natural wonderland unlike any other. This African paradise is home to a multitude of fascinating creatures that will forever inspire awe and wonderment. The game viewing opportunities are incredible, so don’t forget your camera!

Get ready to see a magnificent array of animal specimens on your African safari. First, familiarize yourself with “The Big 5,” a term denoting the 5 most ferocious animals in the African kingdom. The group of these 5 dangerous, yet captivating animals includes buffalo, elephants, leopards, lions, and rhinoceros.

The Big 5 are known for once being trophy pieces of safari hunters during the 19th century, even though over 150 other animal species inhabit the same region.  From small rodents to large land mammals, all of these engrossing species have been mysteriously selected by time and nature, reminding you how great it feels to be alive.

Some of the other animals you may possibly encounter while on your African safari include zebra, giraffe, impala, antelope, cheetah, wildebeest, reedbuck, kudu, hippo, crocodile, hyena, oryx, flamingo, ostrich, jackal, wild dog, and eland.

Be aware that you should never feed any primitive creature, no matter how innocent it may appear to be. Don’t ever get too close to any of the animals.

Remember this above all: You are a visitor on someone else’s territory. Respect the space of these animals just as you would expect any guest to do in your home. And enjoy the glorious sense of awe, wonder and delight you are sure to experience while being in their presence during your African safari.

Male lion on the African Savannah

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