What Should I Wear on My Safari

Part of your safari-planning checklist should include procuring appropriate safari attire. Knowing how to properly plan ahead for a functional safari wardrobe will ensure that you get the most out of your safari experience.

First and foremost, make sure you pack all the essential practical clothing elements. This would include tons of pockets for camera transport and other miscellaneous items. Cargo pants/ shorts are ideal for storage purposes.

The African sun is blazing hot during the heat of the day; so don’t forget to pack a safari hat to protect yourself from exposure to harmful UV rays. Pick a hat with at least a 2-inch wide brim.

Stick with a neutral earth-toned color palette when choosing colors for your safari attire. Khaki is a popular safari color.

Choosing white clothing is acceptable, but a tad unpractical because it attracts dirt. However, long sleeved white undershirts are recommended for mosquito protection, as mosquitos tend to prefer dark/ bright colors.

As far as fabric selection is concerned, steer clear of heavy hot jeans and pack mostly lightweight breathable cotton blends instead.

Wear comfortable closed-toe walking shoes. Think twice before purchasing a new pair of shoes that will inevitably de destroyed by the end of a walking safari. Old sneakers are practical, and you won’t mind getting them dirty.

Last but not least, do not over-pack. You must bear in mind that your travel is often in light aircraft and therefore you are restricted to one soft sided bag under a 44-pound weight limit. Make every pound count. Form follows function, after all.



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