Wendy Perrin’s 2019 WOW List

We couldn’t wait to share the news: We’ve been named to Wendy Perrin’s 2019 WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts

 It’s time to start planning your dream trip: Wendy Perrin’s 2019 WOW List of the world’s best travel specialists is out now and we’re excited to announce Premier Tours’ own Julian Harrison and Allie Almario are on it for  Southern and East Africa and The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador respectively!

You know how passionate we are about maximizing each traveler’s experience, and Wendy shares that vision.  If you’re not sure who is the right person for a trip you have in mind, or you’re not even sure what is the right destination for you, we suggest you write to Ask Wendy.  We also recommend signing up for her weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on travel news and solutions.

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