Your African Safari Planning Timeline

While organizing the details of your upcoming African safari may seem like quite the daunting task, it will all pay off when you’re reveling in the sheer beauty of Africa’s raw animal kingdom. And what’s even more comforting is the notion that you can turn the whole process of planning your safari into a pleasantly smooth experience as well before you actually visit Africa.

Your African safari planning timeline should ideally commence at least six to nine months in advance of your chosen travel time. During this interval, you should do the following: Research potential destinations and compile a list of the specific sights you would love to see when you visit Africa.

Consult guidebooks to narrow down your options. Begin integrating a safari budget to get your limitations in order. Make a firm decision on your destinations and contact a travel agent and tie up the lose ends and procure travel insurance.

During the next interval, which is three to six months before you travel, you should make certain that the following is handled: Determine which travel documents to bring and apply for or renew your passport if need be. Then inquire about your destination’s visa and health certification requirements and schedule necessary vaccinations and side excursions and tours.

One to three months ahead of time before you visit Africa, you should make a packing checklist and shop for clothing and equipment as needed as well as fill prescriptions for anti-malarial medications.

One month ahead, don’t forget to confirm international flights and transfers as well as your lodging reservations with your travel agent.

One to two weeks before you visit Africa, tie up the lose ends by purchasing traveler’s checks or some of the local currency. Be sure to collect minimal donations of U.S. currency for tipping money. Review when to start taking your anti-malarial medication. And last but not least – pack, pack, pack (but not too much more than 44 lbs, see past Premier Tours blog post How Should I Pack for My African Safari, for specific safari vacation packing details)!

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