A green natural wonderland: Why you should consider traveling to Botswana during its rainy season

Travel to Botswana during its Rainy Green Season

Travel to Botswana during its rainy “Green Season” to behold herds of animals migrating across the country and dramatic vistas you’ll never forget. Rainy season in Africa invites the necessary renewal of vegetation and water supply, allowing a sustainable habitat for all the glorious wilderness species to exist. The country of Botswana’s rainy season remains its “green season.” This typically occurs from the months of December through April. January is generally the month with the most precipitation.

May to October’s dry season makes game viewing less arduous due to the thin veil of vegetation to hide most animals around waterholes and riverbanks. However, this means that some of Botswana’s major wildlife destinations, such as the Chobe National Park, get overly crowded during this time period.  In Chobe National Park, May, June and July are known to be immensely dry months marked by chilly evenings. Temperatures drastically increase in the Chobe National Park region as the rainy season approaches.

Craving all the drama of Botswana’s endless blue skies without the hassle of crowds? You should review your options for going on a Green Season safari. This ensures you will experience fewer other tourists in the region. Therefore, you can take advantage of more affordable accommodation rates when you travel to Botswana during its rainy season.

Seasonal Wildlife Migration

The Green Season is also a time when herds of animals migrate across the country. As the rains come, so do the birds in migration from Europe, Asia, and other African regions. The annual zebra migration spans an area from the Okavango Delta to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. This is a journey of more than 150 miles.

Botswana’s rainy season shapes the landscape into a green natural wonderland unlike any other. The freshly washed hues of the skies are noticeably more vivid and intense during the Green Season. Packing a camera is a must if you choose this route. When you travel to Botswana during its rainy season, these dramatic vistas are truly wondrous and awe-inspiring.

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