Top 3 Tips for Planning a South African Honeymoon

As one of life’s grandest celebrations, your honeymoon is the perfect time to check “luxury safari” off your bucket list and make it a South African Honeymoon.

Couples should be able to make their ultimate honeymoon dream a reality with a fully customized holiday in South Africa. Ensure a worry-free romantic journey by keeping the following pro tips in mind:


  1. Make sure all travel documents are in order – 
    Double-check that the bride’s airline ticket, passport, and visas are all consistent with identical last names.This is an especially salient tip for the bride!If there is going to be a surname discrepancy, the bride may even want to think about legally changing the last name after the honeymoon. If the name on the bride’s passport and an airline ticket don’t match, your honeymoon will be over before it even begins.

    Avoid last minute stress by also double-checking if your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the time you will return home from your South African honeymoon.


  1. Make sure the itinerary is in line with your specific interests –
    Choose your destinations within South Africa by familiarizing yourself with the region’s diverse range of travel pursuits that you can tailor to your particular interest.

    Cape town offers a wide array of recreational activities for every type of traveler, so it should be at the top of your list. Not only is it home to some of Africa’s loveliest beaches, but Cape Town is also where outdoor enthusiasts can revel in wonderful hiking trails and picturesque sailing adventures. Foodies should bear in mind that Cape Town is also home to some of the continent’s best culinary tours.


  1. The more lead time, the better –
    Booking a honeymoon safari anywhere from a half year to a full year in advance ensures that you won’t run into any last-minute travel mishaps. This will allow you enough time to organize and execute an itinerary, a spending allowance, and all the aforementioned travel document considerations.

    But to truly be on the safe side for your bucket list honeymoon, you should really consider organizing your trip a full year in advance. This is especially recommended if you’re inclined to travel during South Africa’s peak season from November through February.


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