On the Rise – Culinary Safari Tours and Spotlight on South Africa’s Cape Winelands

South African Holidays in Capetown

From family-oriented accommodations to romantic honeymoon getaways, the Cape Winelands are a perfect compliment to any visit to Cape Town on your South African holidays. The Cape Winelands are renowned for their impressive selection of wine from sun-kissed vineyards. This destination is also known for its glorious valleys and historical architectural gems.

The Cape Winelands are only within a hour’s driving distance away from Cape Town. The name “Cape Winelands” generally refers to these three famous wine growing regions. These regions include Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Paarl.

South African holidays in the Cape Winelands are perfect for day tours. It’s also ideal for extended stays in extravagant manor homes and secluded upscale hotels.  So if your trip to Africa includes a stay in gorgeous Capetown, you should strongly consider seizing the opportunity to visit this blissful point of interest.

The Culinary Capital of South Africa

You can’t travel to the Cape Winelands without savoring the culinary treasures of Franschhoek.  The Cape Winelands are the undeniable culinary capital of South Africa. This area is rife with superb restaurants and dining options to tantalize any flavor palette. There’s also a myriad of pleasing wines to sample if you choose to arrange a wine tour of the region.

As part of a culinary tour of the Cape Winelands, you have the opportunity to plunge into the eclectic flavors and natural splendor of the Winelands.  Additionally, you can also take a walk on the wild side by viewing amazing wildlife at the copious local nature reserves.

Want to don your chef hat? Here, you can also try your hand at some traditional cooking lessons. It’s a superb way to really immerse yourself in South Africa’s local cuisine. Learn about the process of preparing fragrant curry dishes. Be sure to bask in the enchanting seascapes of the Cape of Good Hope.

Your tastebuds and your visual senses are certainly in store for a treat if you choose to incorporate the lovely Cape Winelands into your South African holidays.


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