Photography: How to Capture the Decisive Moment on Your Safari

Part of the magic of going on an African safari is having the opportunity to capture a myriad of unforgettable moments through the technological wonder of photography. You can’t immerse yourself in this African natural wonderland without compiling a photo album of vacation highlights to share with your friends and family.


You will be happy to know that you don’t need to be Ansel Adams to make the most of your safari photography opportunities. Nor do you need the top of the line high-tech equipment. The enchantment of the moment is already laid out to capture just based on the majesty of the scenery alone.


You just need to know how to press that shutter button at the right moment – the “decisive” moment. An example of this “decisive” moment is that second where a rare species of bird flies right into the center of the sunset horizon right over a gathering of giraffes and elephants. The decisive moment is what every photographer should seek to capture.


Remember the rule of thirds when composing your shots to make sure that your subject is focused at an interesting depth and angle with the camera frame.


Many cameras have a nifty high-speed burst or action-shooting mode. This allows you to shoot one picture after another continuously as long as your finger is pressing the shutter button.


This shooting mode is ideal for many safari photo scenarios simply because you reduce motion blur with moving subjects. The more shots you get in succession, the better the odds of you capturing that perfectly decisive moment to proudly share with the world.



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