The Majesty of Victoria Falls

David Livingstone captured the essence of the mesmerizing Victoria Falls when he remarked that, “scenes so lovely must be gazed upon by angels in their flight.” With a beauty so majestic that it conjures up heavenly imagery, it’s no surprise that Victoria Falls is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

Furthermore, you should strongly consider visiting this enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site if you’re traveling to South Africa. For a customized Victoria Falls experience, consider the following suggestions to really make the most out of your journey:

1) River Cruise – Drift along the shores of the upper Zambezi where you can catch a glimpse of stunning river wildlife including hippos, crocodiles as well as buffalo and elephants which are often seen along the river bank. Vibrant species of exotic birds also gather along the water’s shores.

2) White Water Rafting – If you’re looking for a more adrenaline-fueled experience, white water rafting is the way to go. Numerous adventure enthusiasts agree that rafting along the powerful Zambezi River is one of the most exhilarating trips you could imagine. The rafting excursion generally starts right after the falls. For maximum intensity, plan your rafting trip during low water levels when the 4 and 5 interval rapids peak.

3) Victoria Falls Hotel – After your daytime adventure, pamper yourself with a stay at this world-renowned five-star hotel. Since 1904, the Edwardian-style Victoria Falls Hotel has been acclaimed as an icon of elegance in Africa. As Zimbabwe’s grandest luxury hotel, it offers top-notch accommodations with a close proximity to behold the falls.

4) Guided Walking Tours – For a front-row seat of the sprawling clouds of mist and remarkable rainbows, consider taking a walking tour of Victoria Falls. The magical experience of taking in the mile-wide expanse of the Zambezi’s flowing water tumbling down into the depths below is so lovely it’s hard to believe that it’s even real.

Victoria Falls

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