Delectable South African Safari Fare and Regional Culinary Specialties

Immersing yourself in regional cuisine during your safari is more than simply eating a meal – it is a complete cultural experience & is an essential feature of any luxury tours south africa.

Most prices at safari lodges include all meals and game viewing. So prep your palette for a taste of exotic flavors unlike any other. Some lodges for luxury tours South Africa even offer the opportunity to dine at the private residence of local hosts. It’s a way to truly experience a taste of local hospitality and cultural zest.

Luxury Tours South Africa – Your Tastebuds Will Thank You

Indulge your senses in the mouthwatering array of fresh local ingredients in some of the most picturesque African atmospheres imaginable.  Many safari dinners incorporate the “braai” or barbecue-inspired buffet. This features a delectable smorgasbord of grilled meats, and vegetables.

Tea is a popular regional beverage, especially African Rooibos redbush tea. Coffee drinkers should definitely try some of the fresh local roast as well.

You will most likely encounter starches like maize meal, rice, and breads. Depending on the region of your luxury tours South Africa, you can expect a fine assortment of spinach, butternut squash, salad lettuce, and plenty of root vegetables.

Is the Local Cuisine Seasonal?

During cool seasons, enjoy some indian curries, lamb shanks marinated in red wine, and meat pies on your plate. Game meat and game birds are also plentiful. These are traditionally grilled medium-rare to ensure juiciness. Ostrich, warthog, fowl and quail are some favored game options.

Fresh fish and prawns are also sure to delight your tastebuds. For a more daring option that is popular in the lower Zambezi, you can try some local crocodile.

And as far as fruit is concerned, you can sink your teeth into the juicy goodness of local mangos, jack fruits, and guava. But what if you’re venturing outside of organized camps in rural Africa?  Be sure to follow the CDC’s advice.  They suggest to boil, cook, and peel all fruits and vegetables before consumption.

Dinner Setting Courtesy of Singita Lodges

Dinner Setting Courtesy of Singita Lodges

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