Spa and Wellness Safari Experiences

One of the most rapidly growing trends in the luxury safari travel scene is the rise of spa and wellness vacations that balance physical activity with time to reflect, relax, and rebalance.  These types of African luxury safari safari experiences also integrate an element of spiritual satisfaction through meditation and fulfilling cultural discoveries for a vacation experience unlike any other.

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of a travel excursion makes you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation. This is where a spa and wellness African holiday enters the picture. Africa offers numerous world-class spa treatments along with luxury safari accommodations, so you won’t exactly be “roughing it” in the rugged African bush if you plan to book a stay at one of these tranquility immersed spots.

Some of the highly ranked wellness accommodations in Africa include Royal Malewane and Singita in Kruger National Park, and Ellerman House in Cape Town. Pampering reigns supreme at these renowned establishments, so get ready to redefine relaxation as you know it when you enter these spaces of supreme serenity.

Many of these spa resorts, luxury safari lodges, and hotels combine tranquil beach atmospheres with game drives in various Big 5 game reserves.  You can embrace the truly unique experience of enjoying the comfort of healing acupressure therapy on a massage table with a view of African animals in surrounding waterholes.

You can tailor your refreshing safari wellness experience to your specific needs. While visiting Mauritius, the Seychelles islands off the coast of Africa, or Cape Town, you can choose from a wide array of destination spa resorts offering yoga sessions, sauna and Jacuzzi treatments, facial and skincare packages, healthy dining, and massage therapy.

Immersing yourself in an African spa holiday is an ideal way to savor the moment by treating yourself to some much needed rest and relaxation.



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