The Luxury Lodge-Based Safari Experience

Like many safari-goers, you’ve decided to unwind with a serenely unique luxury African safari experience. A stay at a luxury lodge is undoubtedly the most popular safari style thanks to the relaxed and easygoing atmosphere of your chosen safari getaway paradise.

Many lodges consist of stone chalets, thatch-roof huts, rondavels, or large suite styled tents. Take comfort in the fact that all luxury lodges have hot and cold running water, flush toilets, toiletries, laundry service, electricity and most have swimming pools.

You spend most of your time on a luxury African safari sitting and eating. Typically, your schedule consists of being awakened in the early morning hours by a joyful voice before heading to the dining area to enjoy coffee and a light breakfast with your safari guide.

About an hour after waking, you will board a game-drive vehicle and venture out in search of animals. Animals are most active before the heat of the day becomes a factor.  Your morning drive excursion on a luxury African safari could last anywhere between three and four hours.

You return from the drive to a delectable brunch before your afternoon activities, which can be anything from napping to bird watching to swimming.

Mid afternoons are reserved for gathering in the dining hall for a spot of tea and snacks before re-boarding the game drive vehicle for a three hour evening ride where you have the opportunity to view the animals rising from their afternoon naps.

Most evening rides on a luxury African safari include a sunset stop to savor the moment with pleasant cocktails, known as sundowners. After you return to your lodge for a brief freshening up period, you will enjoy a gourmet dinner which may be served in a circular outdoor area called a “boma” or in some other unique location. Unwind from the day with drinks around the campfire as you soak in the splendor of an unforgettable luxury safari.

Luxury safari picnic

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