Ecotourism and African Safaris

The topic of ecotourism has certainly generated much debate surrounding the exact definition. However, it is now widely accepted that most ecotourism strives to expose travelers to natural settings, particularly those regions with an established sense of sustainable land usage and conservation.

So, with all of this in mind, you should definitely be informed about the environment and culture of the places you visit during your next African safari.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if tourism went hand-in-hand with encouraging positive advancements for all local communities? It can be with just a simple awareness of your role in ecotourism during all your travels.

As one wise man once said, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.” That change begins with simply asking your tour operator or safari outfitter for specific details surrounding their safari process and relationship to the local communities.

Don’t be afraid to ask your tour operator specific questions regarding their particular ecological methods. Do their lodges use solar power? Do the lodges participate with the local community? How do the lodges support their natural environment? All of this basic knowledge is the impetus for ecotourism progress.

If you are truly inspired, you can even help local African safari conservation efforts by making donations to funds established by safari ecotourism trusts.

Also, try your hardest to embrace the “leave no trace” philosophy, and do your role in leaving only your footprints behind to help sustain the natural ecosystem.


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