The Rains Of Africa

October through April tends to be the rainy season in Africa, but it can vary depending on where specifically (it’s a bit continent). In some parts of the continent as much as 75% of their moisture comes during this time. Check out this video of the rains in Africa made by...

Enjoy a Wild Valentine’s

Check out our Valentine’s Day video with partners Great Plains and may your Valentine’s Day be wild and full of love.
Amazing Africa Video

Happy Holidays, Check Out This Beautiful Africa Video

Happy holidays from our herd to yours!Check out this amazing Africa video we made with our partners. And if you’re still looking to get away from it all, come and naturally social distance with us in Africa.
Baby Elephant follows her mother

Baby Elephant in the African Bush

Seeing elephants in their natural African habitat is undeniably magical. This stunning species resides in sub-Saharan Africa and the rainforests of Central and West Africa.  They are rather hard to miss considering their massive size – reaching 8.2 to 13 feet from...
Safari Honeymoon in South Africa

Safari Honeymoon in South Africa

Nothing says love like sharing an alluring adventure with your partner, so consider South Africa as the romantic backdrop for your unforgettably enchanting safari honeymoon excursion. Since planning a honeymoon safari can be quite the daunting task, you should take a tip from the...
Will I Be Able to Use My Smartphone on Safari? Child on phone on game drive.

Will I Be Able to Use My Smartphone on Safari?

There are numerous factors that will determine whether you will be able to use your smartphone on safari, including whether your cell phone provider covers international calling. Double check the call rates to avoid amassing an exorbitant cell phone bill due to roaming fees and...
What are the minimum age for children on safari?

What is the Minimum Age for Children to Go on Safari?

Going on a family safari is a great way for children to unplug from their usual attachments and to let their imaginations soar by taking in all the fascinating sights of the African bush. But you may have some questions about how to plan a family safari depending on how young...
Best time to Travel to Southern Africa - Malawi

When is the Best Time to Travel to Southern Africa?

The bottom tip of the African continent comprises the region known as Southern Africa. Moving along the southernmost area clockwise, this region includes the following safari destinations: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. The rule of thumb in...
Cape Town - South Africa - malaria free zone

Malaria Free Safari Areas and Other Malaria Considerations

The female Anopheles mosquito spreads malaria when it has been infected with the malaria parasite. The best way to protect yourself against malaria on safari is to avoid getting bitten in the first place. As such, the easiest option to protect yourself against malaria is simply...
What to pack for an African Safari

What Should I Pack for My African Safari?

Packing for your safari may seem like a daunting task, but taking a systematic approach to the process by planning ahead will make it way more manageable. Here are a few tips from the pros at Premier Tours to help streamline your packing process: Tip 1: Start with the basics and...