Kenyan Shillings

Money Matters: How Much Cash Should You Bring to Africa?

  When planning your safari, you’ll want to figure out how much U.S. money to bring and devise a strategy for handling foreign currency. Before you travel, contact your credit card company and let them know that you will be visiting Africa. This pro tip will save you the potential frustration and headaches that might arise should your credit card company deny transactions based on unusual charges. It would also behoove you to ask if your company charges a...
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Internet Access at Lodges and Cell Phone Considerations

Unplugging from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine to immerse yourself in nature is one of the most captivating things about going on safari. But in today’s digital age where online communication reigns supreme, it can be difficult to detach from our electronic devices, even while on safari. Your WiFi access and cell phone network coverage largely depends on where you are staying and what countries you are visiting in Africa.   Be sure to check with your...
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Murchison Falls Uganda

Travel to Uganda: “The Pearl of Africa”

As the “Pearl of Africa,” the country of Uganda is rife with natural wonder at every turn. There’s so much to explore and discover in Uganda, from the lush tropical rainforest to impressive national parks. Uganda is also home to some of Africa’s best wildlife, including half the planet’s remaining mountain gorillas, in addition to being steeped in history and culture. With so many travel treasures packed into such a relatively small country, it’s easy to see why...
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Top 3 Tips for Planning a South African Honeymoon

As one of life’s grandest celebrations, your honeymoon is the perfect time to check “luxury safari” off your bucket list and make it a South African Honeymoon. Couples should be able to make their ultimate honeymoon dream a reality with a fully customized holiday in South Africa. Ensure a worry-free romantic journey by keeping the following pro tips in mind:   Make sure all travel documents are in order –  Double-check that the bride’s airline ticket, passport, and...
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