Horse, Canoe, Camel and Elephant Safaris

Are you trying to decide which type of African safari best suits you?  If you’re interested in branching out from the typical driving or walking safaris, then you should explore the options of executing your African safari tours on horseback, by a canoe, or on an elephant or camel.

Viewing game on horseback is an exhilarating experience to say the least. Many wild animals regard humans on horseback as one of their kind, allowing you the opportunity to get up close with most plains game, including antelope, zebras and giraffes.

Horses can cover a wide region of land in a short span of time, but be aware that these types of African safari tours are recommended for proficient riders only for safety reasons.

Dating back to the late 1970’s, canoe safaris remain one of the most popular safari styles to this day to view the myriad wildlife alongside the Zambezi River. This is one of the biggest game regions in Africa, inviting you to catch glimpses of hippos, crocodiles, elephants, buffalo, lions, and all kinds of birds. While all that paddling may become strenuous at times, canoe safaris are worth it because there’s always something to see during these type of African safari tours.

Camel safaris are popular in northern Kenya and Namibia’s Namib Desert. Namibian safaris are mostly riding ones and span the duration of one to two weeks.

You can view the African bush from the back of an elephant at Abu Camp in Botswana’s Okvango Delta, Wild Horizons’ Elephant Camp near Victoria Falls, and Kampana Game Reserve in South Africa. You will be walking alongside the elephant during some parts of the safari, especially if the elephant is younger. The lure of these types of African safari tours is being able to combine the experience of walking and riding into one adventure.

Canoe Travelers meet elephant

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