Expand Your Jeep Horizons: Innovative methods to transport guests for game viewing

While the basic model for an african safari itinerary incorporates joyfully bumping around in a jeep in order to reach your game-viewing destination, there are a few more creative and enjoyable methods you can choose from to ensure you have a memorable experience. Be sure to review all your options before you settle on the traditional jeep transportation method on your next safari excursion.

The Zambezi Queen Luxury Cruise

Consider going on a luxury safari cruise to get from point A to point B with all the awe-inspiring vistas of a traditional jeep safari but a little added extra twist. The innovative Zambezi Queen luxury safari cruise is the first of its kind in Africa.

This self-sustainable vessel floats down the Chobe River situated between Botswana and Namibia. The cruise integrates solar water heating and jet propulsion system to avoid damage to the natural terrain.  The full-length window design allows passengers to observe game from inside of their luxury private cabins.

Canoe Trips Down the Zambezi in Zimbabwe

But what if you’re seeking a dash of adventure? Are you willing to break a sweat during your excursion? For a more exhilarating safari experience, consider adding a daytime canoe trip down the Zambezi in Zimbabwe to your African safari itinerary.  You can make pit stops to track elephants on foot.  For a true adventure, set up a camp on the tranquil riverbanks.

Horseback and Mountain Bikes

If water isn’t your style, perhaps going on a dry land excursion through the savanna on horseback or mountain bike.  In this fashion, you can get up close alongside herds of wildebeest and antelope.  Consider this method for exploring dry lakebeds up through Chyulu Hills.

African Safari Itinerary Options Abound

In conclusion, there are many sorts of animal viewing options when planning your African safari itinerary.  These methods will vary depending on your preference for the degree of luxury and/or adventure you are seeking.  Adding one or two of our recommended jeep alternatives to the mix will make it even more of an adventure.



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