How to Safely Execute a Multi-Generational Safari

While it might not seem like the most obvious choice in the “fun for all ages” category, African family vacations are actually something anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or gender.

Organizing a safari for the whole family is not only feasible, but one of the most satisfying travel experiences you could ever imagine. African family vacations aren’t too arduous to organize provided you research the environment. This is one case in which it is most opportune to work with a travel planning expert to make sure all generations are well considered.

Now, travelers over the age of 50 should really think twice before bungee-jumping off Victoria Falls bridge. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a myriad of other less-exhilarating type activities to sample if you’re the one being called “grandma” or “grandpa” in the group.

Rather than get involved with physically demanding and strenuous safari activities like canoe safaris, older family members might consider focusing on exploring additional activities that feature some exotic African food and wine.

Family members looking for more activity and a less leisurely style vacation can take on some awe-inspiring bird watching or capture the uniquely stunning scenery with some digital photography. And perhaps the entire family can join together for a magical balloon safari drifting silently above the endless grass plains.

Even if mobility issues aren’t a concern for the older members on African family vacations, be advised that driving on dirt roads can be bumpy and thus unpleasant for older travelers. Again, this is where working with an experience travel planning professional can really help to ensure everyone’s enjoyment and comfort.

Young children may not be able to participate in numerous African safari tours due to age restrictions, so explore the option of an independently booked arrangement if you have children under the age of 12.


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