african safari tours options

Horse, Canoe, Camel and Elephant Safaris

Are you trying to decide which type of African safari best suits you?  If you’re interested in branching out from the typical driving or walking safaris, then you should explore the options of executing your African safari tours on horseback, by a canoe, or on an elephant or camel. Viewing game on horseback is an exhilarating experience to say the least. Many wild animals regard humans on horseback as one of their kind, allowing you the opportunity to get up close with...
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visit africa safari planning timelime

Your African Safari Planning Timeline

While organizing the details of your upcoming African safari may seem like quite the daunting task, it will all pay off when you’re reveling in the sheer beauty of Africa’s raw animal kingdom. And what’s even more comforting is the notion that you can turn the whole process of planning your safari into a pleasantly smooth experience as well before you actually visit Africa. Your African safari planning timeline should ideally commence at least six to nine months in...
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best family safari children

What Should I Consider Before Taking Children on an African Safari?

It should come as no surprise that an African safari would be a supreme highlight for your whole family to cherish forever. For the best family safari experience, before you plan to add any children or adolescents into the safari equation you must familiarize yourself with some basic etiquette and common age restrictions for entering this rugged African bush. You must be advised that the vast majority of safari management and private game reserves will not allow the...
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Male lion on the African Savannah

What types of animals will I possibly encounter on my African safari?

One of the most amazing aspects of embarking on an African safari travel adventure is gaining access to a raw natural wonderland unlike any other. This African paradise is home to a multitude of fascinating creatures that will forever inspire awe and wonderment. The game viewing opportunities are incredible, so don’t forget your camera! Get ready to see a magnificent array of animal specimens on your African safari. First, familiarize yourself with “The Big 5,” a term...
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